Integration at Etherton Education, Agent Article – February 2019

Integration at Etherton Education

During our summer courses we are passionate about helping our international students learn how to integrate with other nationalities.  Integration means spending time with other people, chatting to them and getting to know them.  It is important for English language learning and also for all-round education.  Here are some integration ideas that agents can pass on to their students before they come to England and to use whilst they are with us at Etherton Education.

Integration ideas you can pass on to your students before they come to Etherton Education and to use whilst they are with us: 

1,  You can’t really learn English if you only use it in the classroom.  You’ve got to get out and talk to other people.

2,  Talk to the British Student Hosts, your new friends.  Every Etherton Education summer course employs many British Student Hosts.  It is their job to chat to you whenever you like.  So don’t be shy, spend time with them every day.

3,  Get off your mobile phone!  Take out your earphones.  Talk to real people, face to face.

4,  Don’t worry about making mistakes.  Everyone makes mistakes when they are trying to speak another language.  This is not an exam – just try your best to communicate.

5,  How can you make friends with other students?  The best way is to do something together – play football together, do your homework together or sit together on a trip.  Here are some other suggestions for starting conversations…

6,  Admire something.  Tell another student, ‘I really like your trainers!  Where did you get them?’

7,  Congratulate someone.  ‘You really played well today.  How long have you been playing tennis?’

8,  Ask for help.  ‘I don’t understand this maths question.  Can you help me with it?’

9,  Invite someone to do something.  ‘My friends are having a pizza party tonight.  Would you like to join us?’

10,  Talk to people in shops.  Remember to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ a lot.  Ask a shopkeeper if they can help you find something.

11,  Try to spend some time every day away from the friends who come from your own country.  If you stay with them all the time and speak your first language, you will not improve your English.

12,  Keep trying.  Sometimes it is not easy to integrate and make new friends.  Don’t give up.  Try again with different people.