This section will provide answers to common questions about our courses.

When should students arrive and depart?
Our first Arrival Day is Sunday 07 July 2024. After that, our Arrival/Departure days are on certain SUNDAYS for the rest of the summer. You will find these dates shown on the Application Form. Please check the start and end dates of your course very carefully. Please phone +44 (0)1823 672388 or contact us at info@ethertoneducation.com if you have any queries or require more information.

How do students get to the school?
We will meet students arriving at London Heathrow and Gatwick airports on the first day of our published course dates between 06:00hrs and 17:00hrs and arrange free transport to the school. If you arrive at other times or different airports, we can arrange transport for you at additional cost. If you are coming by road, please contact our Travel Co-ordinator for directions. Please see our Travel Information sheet for more details.

How many students are there in a class?
The maximum class size is 16, but the average class size is usually around 12 to 13 students. For some lectures and workshops there will be larger groups.

What is the staff-student ratio?
The overall ratio is around 1:3. That is, one member of staff to each three students. We have very high levels of individual care. There are always plenty of staff around to look after our students.

When are students supervised?
Students will have limited unsupervised time on the school campus in specified areas. Students aged 10-14 will always be supervised on trips and in towns. Students aged 15-17 may have limited unsupervised time on trips and in local shops. Please refer to the Consent Form for Students in the Application Pack for more details.

How old are the students? What level of English is necessary?

(as on 07 July 2024)
(as on 01 September 2024)
Pre-A-Level/Pre-I.B. 15 17 B2/IELTS 5.0
Pre-GCSE 13 15 B1/IELTS 4.0
Junior 10 12 B1/IELTS 4.0

Please see the chart above for the age range for each course and a guide to the minimum levels of English. We will look at each student’s application individually and we may offer an online test to help us assess their level of English (these tests are not compulsory but do help us in our preparations). Please advise us if students have any special needs or learning difficulties so that additional support can be arranged if possible.

Where do students live?
All of the students on these courses live in single-sex boarding accommodation on the campus of Wellington School. Most rooms contain two beds but there are some larger rooms containing 3-4 beds (normally used for younger students). The boarding houses have comfortable lounges with television, WiFi and games. House Staff live in the boarding houses and look after students.

What about laundry?
A basic laundry service for machine-washable clothes is provided once per week. Students should ensure they have enough changes of clothes and all items of clothing must be clearly labelled with the student’s name. Bed linen is changed once per week.

Where do students eat?
Students eat their meals in the school dining room. Students are provided with three meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals are of good quality with a choice of different healthy main dishes, and a salad bar. For day trips students are provided with a packed lunch. Our host school will try to accommodate most dietary requirements but there may be an extra charge. Please advise us of any special diets required on the Health, Learning and Wellbeing Questionnaire in the Application Pack.  Please note that our host school will not accept students with certain food requirements such as an extreme vegan diet.

What clothes should I bring?
No uniform is needed for the summer course. Students will need casual clothes for everyday use and plenty of sports clothes. There will be formal events so boys should bring a suit if possible and a white shirt, tie and dark shoes. Girls should have one or two formal dresses or suits. Bed linen and duvets are provided, but students MUST bring their own towels.

What is the sports programme?
We have timetabled sports lessons every teaching day to introduce British sports. After classes and on non-teaching days there are further opportunities to play more sports with our Student Hosts. The school has grass playing fields, an Astro pitch, tennis courts, a sports hall and a swimming pool.

What is the leisure programme?
Twice per week there are major social activities for all students. These activities may include such things as the Business Game, the Fashion Show, James Bond Night, a Murder Mystery, the Auction Game, Speed-Chatting, the Drama Show, and a formal Dinner and Dance. All students must join in these activities, which will help students to practise their English and develop their confidence. On Sundays students choose a club to join. Our clubs have included Team Building Games, Cooking, Art, Crafts, Zumba, Boxercise, Dance, Yoga, Farm Visit, Church Visit, Orienteering and many more. There are also informal social activities on other evenings in the boarding houses.

What is included in the fees?
We try to make sure that almost everything is included in the course fees, other than visa costs, air tickets and pocket money.

Here is a summary:

  • Accommodation in a residential boarding house, meals and weekly laundry.
  • All teaching, text books, basic stationery materials and sports coaching.
  • Social activities, Sunday Clubs, and all trips including transport and entrance fees.
  • Arrival and departure transfers from London Heathrow and Gatwick airports on the first and last days of our published courses. There are time restrictions on this so please refer to our Travel Information sheet before you book your travel.
  • A basic insurance policy – please see our website for details.

How can we pay?
Please see our Terms & Conditions in the Application Pack or on our website which contain information about how and when to pay and also details of our refunds and cancellations policy.  Be careful of payment frauds: contact us by phone if you have any worries.

Do students get a certificate and report?
Yes, all students completing their course will receive a certificate.  For students attending 4,6, or 8 week courses, they will receive a detailed report on their work in each subject. Students on 2-week courses receive a short-form report.

What happens if students are sick?
Many of our staff have First Aid qualifications. If students have minor problems, our staff will look after them. If we have any concerns, we will take them to a medical centre near the school, or to hospital. We strongly advise that all students have their own comprehensive private insurance including medical cover.

What happens at the end of each course?
Students are required to leave the school by 11:00hrs on the last day of their course. Travel arrangements are the responsibility of parents or guardians. We provide a free transfer service to London Heathrow and Gatwick airports on the last day of our published courses but please note that there are time restrictions for this service. Please see our Travel Information sheet for more details. Our course fees do not include transfer from the school to other destinations but we are able to arrange transport at an additional cost.

A final note:
The information in this brochure has been prepared carefully and in good faith. However, our courses are flexible and we are continually trying to improve them. We reserve the right to make changes to our courses at any time. We reserve the right to change our trip destinations due to weather, traffic or security or other concerns. This information does not, therefore, constitute in whole or in part any kind of contract between Etherton Education Ltd. and students, parents, guardians or agents. Please read our Terms & Conditions in our Application Pack or on our website.