Student Hosts

Student Hosts making a fun pyramid

Your new British friends!

Many students are very worried that they will have no friends when they come to the UK. At Etherton Education, we solve that problem by employing British students to work as Student Hosts during the summer course. Students coming on our courses will definitely have friends!

How do we choose Student Hosts?

We look for people who are kind and friendly – those are the most important qualities we want. Our Student Hosts are usually good students, and many of them are great at sport, drama or music. We have a ratio of roughly one Student Host per seven students.

Are Student Hosts trained?

Yes, before every summer course we have training sessions where senior staff explain the duties of Student Hosts, and discuss how to look after our students. They also receive training in First Aid and Safeguarding.

  • Training Day for Student Hosts
  • Student Hosts ready for the Formal Dinner

What do Student Hosts do?

On teaching days, they will come to school at 4.00 and have a planning meeting with the Deputy Course Director. At 5.00 they will join in the sports sessions. At 6.00 they have dinner with the students – there is usually one Student Host on each table, so students can practise speaking English during the meal. At 7.00 the Student Hosts will supervise Prep (Homework) in the classrooms, and help students with their studies. From 8 to 10 they will organize social activities or evening sport.

On trips days the Student Hosts go along and look after the students and explain what they are seeing during the excursion. On Sundays they run club activities, and join in the afternoon trips, or just ‘hang out’ with the students to play games or relax.

Do the Student Hosts teach English?

No, they are not teachers. But their job is to chat to our students at any time. For 50 hours a week, there will be Student Hosts on duty, so our students can spend lots of time chatting. This will help them get used to normal, spoken English. Students will feel relaxed about trying to speak to such friendly people.

How do Student Hosts help the students?

British Student Hosts are great role models and help our international students in many ways. First, they provide instant friends – happy, smiling faces, who will always help anyone. Second, they are trained to look after our students if they have any problems. Third, they really help students get more confidence in speaking and understanding English.

Student Hosts are a great feature of our courses and they are always very popular with our students.

  • Student Hosts in Bath
  • Playing Scrabble
  • Helping with Prep
  • On a trip to Cardiff