Travel Information

In this section you will find some information about travelling to and from an Etherton Education course.  This includes information about when to arrive and depart, our complimentary transfer service and students booked as unaccompanied minors.


Arrival and Departure

The first day of our courses is Sunday 06 August 2023 and the last day is Sunday 03 September 2023. Students joining our courses for less than the full 4 weeks should arrive and depart on the date specified on the course acceptance letter and invoice / receipt.  Please check the start and end dates of your course very carefully.  On 03 September 2023 all students must have left the school by 11.00am (UK time) as we have to vacate the school ourselves.


Our Complimentary Transfer Service

We provide a complimentary transfer service on 06 August 2023 and 03 September 2023.  This is subject to specific criteria:

  • Airports served: London Heathrow and London Gatwick ONLY.
  • Arrival Times: Arrival at London Heathrow or London Gatwick airports BETWEEN 06:00 and 17:00 ONLY.  Students will be met by our staff (wearing Etherton Education blue shirts and carrying an Etherton Education sign) within the terminal buildings at the exit from Customs and escorted to our transport.  Coaches leave the airports at intervals throughout the day, so there may be waiting time at the airport until the next available transport departs.
  • Departure Times: London Heathrow AFTER 13:30 and BEFORE 18:30, London Gatwick AFTER 14:30 and BEFORE 18:30.  Our staff will accompany students to the airport and guide them to their check-in desks.

For students travelling outside of the published dates, times, and airports above, the cost and responsibility for the transfers from / to our courses lies with the student / parents / guardian / agent.  The Travel Co-ordinator can give advice about travel from / to our schools and, if requested at least 7 days in advance, pre-book a private transfer.  Etherton Education will only confirm a private transfer booking once the cost has been paid in advance.  Please note that Etherton Education will charge a 100% cancellation fee if a pre-arranged private transfer is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled arrival or departure.


Direct Arrival and Departure from our Courses

Students can travel directly to our courses.  If you are travelling directly, please make sure that you go to the correct location – Blundell’s School, Blundell’s Road, Tiverton, Devon EX16 4DN.  Please note, do not use the Head Office address at Marlands – this is not a course centre.

A Travel Arrangements Form must be completed in full and returned to Etherton Education by 01 July 2023 to allow us to plan transfers to and from our school.  Details of the travel arrangements will then be confirmed nearer to the date of travel by our Travel Co-ordinator.   If we do not receive the travel arrangements form by 01 July 2023, we are unable to guarantee a place for eligible students on our complimentary transfer service.  Therefore, the transfer will become the responsibility of the student/parents/guardian/agent.


Unaccompanied Minor Travel

We must be informed if a student is booked (paid for service) with an airline as an UNACCOMPANIED MINOR to ensure that our airport staff can follow the airline’s requirements for an authorised hand-over of the student.  For departures, any student using our complimentary transfer service and booked with an airline as an unaccompanied minor must have a flight departure no later than 18:30.  Etherton Education reserves the right to charge additional costs if not notified of a student’s unaccompanied minor status in advance.