What We Do

Etherton Education is an international summer school providinacademic summer courses as pre-sessional introductory courses for students going on to study at a British Boarding School.  The courses are also suitable for students who just want an experience at an English summer school.

Etherton Education run seven courses for students aged 7 to 17.  Our primary focus is English for Education, teaching students the grammar and vocabulary required to study a variety of subjects in English.  We also work on spoken English and the confidence a student needs in this area.  We introduce students to boarding school timetables so the days are academically structured and reflect real life at a school in the UK.

Alongside the academics, we introduce the extra-curricular aspects of life at a British Boarding School.  All of our courses feature introductions to British sports and extra-curricular activities such as trips, social activities and Sunday Clubs.  These activities give students a chance to relax, spend time with new friends and our Student Hosts, all whilst continuing to learn in a non-classroom environment.


Who We Are

Etherton Education has run academic summer courses in British Boarding Schools for 17 years.  The Directors are Peter and Anne Etherton.  Both have been involved in teaching English to international students for over 40 years.  They have strong links with Hong Kong and China and both taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Peter Etherton is the author of over 100 textbooks, including Oxford English.  He is a former British Council ELT Specialist and IELTS Examiner.  Anne Etherton has wide teaching and administration experience, and is a former Principal of an International Study Centre.

Etherton Education was founded in 2002 because the Directors know first hand how difficult it is for international students when they first come to Britain.  They wanted to design academic summer courses in an international summer school environment which would really look after students well.  Our aim is to provide the best boarding school summer programs in the UK, for students just coming for the summer experience, as well as providing excellent preparation for students starting their new education at a British boarding school.


Continuous Improvement

We now deliver our academic summer courses with over 50 professionally qualified staff, who bring great breadth of experience and ideas to the courses.  Our student to staff ratio is 3:1 with three students to each staff member.  This ensures we can provide support and supervision to our students.

Our Teachers are all qualified, subject specialists who have experience working with international students.  We also employ excellent young British students each summer, who work closely as Student Hosts to our international students.  They help them to feel at home and integrate confidently into the summer school academic programs, both academically and socially.

We conduct continuous assessment of the value of each part of our courses and seek feedback from staff and students to make sure we are delivering the best courses possible.  We aim to give the best possible value for money for an intensive English summer school experience.


Working with Agents

We work all year round, attending overseas events and arranging agent meetings.  We work with agents worldwide.  We attend a number of international events every year to maintain overseas relationships and build new partnerships.  We have been the proud sponsor for the British Boarding Schools Workshop since 2013.  This event gives us the opportunity to meet directly with quality agents selected by the organisers, as well as British Boarding Schools from across the country.  If you wish to work with us as an agent, please contact our Admissions Team HERE.


Working with British Boarding Schools

We have partnership agreements with over 160 British Boarding Schools.  The partnerships help students who need a Child Student Route Visa (formerly Tier 4), they can apply for one visa to include both the summer English course and their next school, without having to return home.  We work closely with our partner schools and the list is continually growing.  Please click HERE to see more about our school partnerships.