Residential Summer Courses 2021

We are very sad to announce that we have had to cancel all of our 2021 residential summer courses. Please click HERE to read the full review.

Please contact our admissions team HERE if you have any questions.


Pre-GCSE Courses

Our Etherton Education Pre-GCSE course is based at Lord Wandsworth College in Hampshire, and is for international students aged 13-15 years.

During the summer, students follow a busy academic timetable.  Students take a compulsory programme of English and Drama, plus Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ICT (Computers), Business Studies, Art, History and Geography.

Students spend at least 9 hours a week in English lessons, which include oral presentations, research projects and every day conversational English.  Students have the chance to study using films, songs, videos, newspapers and radio in order to understand English.  We also teach English for daily life – talking about health, asking for directions, and so on.  The aim of this is to make students as comfortable as possible in adjusting to a new culture.

Students receive at least six hours of homework a week, supervised and supported by our friendly Student Hosts.

The recommended minimum English level for this course is CEFR B1 / IELTS 4.5.

Course dates & prices

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All of our subjects are taught by subject specialists who focus on teaching the technical vocabulary needed to study each subject. Our science teachers understand the importance of laboratory work so you will spend a lot of time doing practical, hands-on experiments. Our maximum class size is 16, but the average number of students in recent years is around 12-13.

We believe Drama is an ideal way of helping to practise speaking in English. Participating in the Drama shows increases confidence and strength in performing in front of friends and teachers. Some of our scripts have been rewritten by our Drama teachers which gives a real flair to our shows. In the past, we have found all students really enjoy the performance and take real pride in all of their hard work when rehearsing.

Students on this course will also participate in sports most days for around an hour. This gives students the chance to have a taste of British sports football, netball, rugby, hockey, basketball, tennis and cricket. With the fantastic facilities that Lord Wandsworth College has, students have the chance to participate in many different sports! Students are taught by coaches and Student Hosts which gives them the chance to learn new sports or improve on sports they already participate in at home.

As well as the academic timetable, there are many social activities. We have unique activities designed by Etherton Education so our students can relax and enjoy themselves after a full day of studying. We have two big social evenings a week with varying activities from a Fashion Show, a Business Game, Speed Chatting and many more! These evenings bring out creativity and give students a chance to develop their team spirit.

The social aspects of the summer are a really important time to boost English speaking skills.  Students are put into new scenarios that require a willing attitude and eagerness to help their team complete the task ahead.  We also hold Formal Dinner and Dances throughout the summer course.  These events give students the chance to dress up smartly and practise how they would be expected to behave at events like this.  There is a three course meal and prize giving presented by the Course Director.

On Sundays there will be opportunities for students to join many Sunday Clubs.  In the past clubs have included boxercise, dog walking, circus acts, cooking and hand casting.  Sunday is a great time to get involved in something new and it is fun way to learn outside of the classroom.

Every week there is one full-day trip for students to learn more about the culture of Britain.  At Lord Wandsworth College the full-day trips are on a Saturday each week.  The full-day trips may include: Portsmouth, Cambridge, London, Winchester, Bath, Oxford and Windsor.  Whilst on these trips, students will get to visit many famous sites and attractions.  The trips students take depend on what course duration they attend and all trips are subject to change at short notice due to weather / travel / circumstances beyond our control.

Thank you for these kind words

“This summer course helped me, I learnt how to get to know people, and I made lots of new friends. I can say that no one except my parents have taken care of me as well as the student hosts.” Prin, Thailand (Pre-GCSE Course)