This section shows some of the fantastic feedback we have received from students, agents/guardians and UK Boarding Schools.

Student Testimonials:

Stepan, Russia (Junior Academic Course)

“My favourite part of the English experience is our student hosts. I think that it is genius to make student hosts part of studying here. You can talk about anything you want with them! If you’ve got a problem with your homework or something else, you can ask one of many student hosts for help.”

Prin, Thailand (Pre-GCSE Course)

“This summer course helped me, I learnt how to get to know people, and I made lots of new friends. I can say that no one except my parents have taken care of me as well as the student hosts.”

Yuxin, China (Pre-GCSE Course)

“My favourite experience has been that I have made a lot of friends from different countries and learnt many different languages. This course has helped me learn English and has given me a faster understanding of British culture.”

Aaron, Germany (Pre-GCSE Course)

“During my summer here, things happened that would never normally happen in my summer. The reason for this is that the teachers and staff interact with the students a lot. The student hosts helped me with my homework and were one of the first when playing sport with the students. They kept every student in good spirits.”

Roulin, China (Pre-GCSE Course)

“The life I had over the summer in England is very different from my life in China, with completely different rules and routines. I made a lot of friends from all over the world; they all made me feel like I am at home. This really was a fantastic experience.”

Mykyta, Ukraine (Pre-A-Level Course)

“I found this summer course very informative and it helped me explore a number of subjects. There were funny and interesting activities, plus amazing and educative excursions. However, the most important aspect was the warm attitude of the staff – they are wonderful people with a good sense of humour and inexhaustible kindness!”

Gabriele, Lithuania (Pre-A-Level Course)

“The best part of this course is the people. The smiling faces and people I met here will stay in my heart forever; I love the friendly staff and all of the students come from different countries with a huge variety of interests and characters.”

Blanca, Spain (Pre-A-Level Course)

“I’ve had a really nice time here: spending evenings with the girls in the house, walking around new cities and great lessons with my class. The student hosts are like brothers and sisters to me. All of the staff have taught me lots of new things and have helped me make important decisions about my future studies.”

Alice, China (Pre-A-Level Course)

“I arrived in the UK after eleven hours on an aeroplane. Everything was so strange; different from my country, different from my language. Then I arrived at Etherton Education. It is located in the countryside. It is so beautiful with an azure blue sky, pure white clouds and green trees and grass. There is pure and fresh air and everything made me feel relaxed and happy. The girls live in a communal house, it is a nice building. We have one very big lounge, there are sofas, a tv and a piano there. We can watch TV and use the DVD player to watch movies and we can play table tennis, billiards and play the piano.”


Agent/Guardian Testimonials:

Mentor International

“It is always a great pleasure to work with the friendly and supportive team at Etherton Education. As an agent, we value the time that Peter and Anne have spent at our offices helping us to become familiar with the courses and locations they offer to our Thai girls and boys. Etherton Education combines an excellent standard of teaching, with a high level of success,  in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. These are key factors that our families consider when making their choices.”

OPDS (Overseas Personal Development Services Ltd)

“OPDS continues to recommend Etherton courses as they have an excellent track record of academic and pastoral support. They also produce the most detailed reports at the end of the course, with excellent recommendations for the future development of the student.”

Wai Shun International Education Centre

“Etherton Education did wonders to all my students. They attended the summer programme in preparation for their boarding school. To begin with they were nervous and shy, after 8 weeks’ intensive studying, they became confident and fit in really well in their new school. The friendship they made at Etherton last for a long time. I witness their growth both in academic and personal sense. It is for this reason, Etherton will always remain on my top priority list.”

New Cambridge Institute (Thailand):

“Etherton Education has been an excellent school that has provided standard courses and facilities for international students. Also, the school gives us professional support, always in a timely manner. We are grateful and appreciate your hard work to support us to be able to provide a better service and counsel to our students, and we are always happy to work with a good institution that receives positive feedback on its’ courses from the students.”


School Testimonials:

Wellington School:

“Without doubt, the Etherton Education summer course is of huge benefit to our international Sixth Formers both in terms of preparation for A-levels and in their understanding of a different culture. I am convinced that they settle into their studies far quicker since the course started, when before they would spend the first term drowning in a sea of technical terms and unknown social customs. They certainly seem happy here and eager to start sixth form.”

Lord Wandsworth College:

“We are really pleased to work in partnership with Etherton Education; their Pre-A-Level courses which are held at Lord Wandsworth College are a great grounding for students going on to study A-Levels at boarding schools across the UK. We have always found that students who attend these courses achieve significantly better A-Level results than those who do not take advantage of this intensive tuition and introduction to boarding school. A number of our own teachers and ex pupils assist with the delivery of the courses as well as providing pastoral care and a fun activity programme. Etherton Education has a deep understanding of what it is like for international students coming to study in the UK and we are delighted to work alongside them.”

Malvern St James Girls’ School: 

“Recently I visited Etherton Education whilst they were in full swing at Wellington School.  Before the visit I knew Etherton helped some of our pupils with their English before joining us, but as soon as I left I knew I had been missing a trick!  Wow, what in incredible offering.  Not only do the pupils have the opportunity to improve their English, but it is a ‘like for like’ boarding school experience.  I never knew that they were learning to play new sports like netball, hockey, tennis, rugby and rounders; exploring traditional English foods, doing drama and ten other curriculum subjects too, and most importantly, they were learning the importance of putting their hands up and expressing their opinions in English.  As I was walking around, the children seemed genuinely happy and how could they not be with such caring and supportive staff.  I feel the Etherton Education experience is fundamentally valuable to each child joining the British education system and I will be proactively encouraging pupils to experience it before they come to us at Malvern St James.”

Stonar School: 

“It is no exaggeration to say that students who have attended the Etherton Education pre-session programmes arrive at Stonar head and shoulders above the others.  Their English has improved enormously, they are fully acclimatised and prepared for boarding school life.  I find their confidence dramatically improved and they arrive truly ready to begin their courses with a significant advantage.  I believe Etherton provides an unparalleled preparation for students wishing to join a boarding school, whether for A-Levels, GCSE’s, or in the younger years.  Etherton is not a summer camp or language school; theirs is a genuine academic, language and cultural preparation for life in a British boarding school.  Etherton provides superb feedback on the pupils who are joining us.  They are always professional, honest and prompt.  We trust Etherton implicitly and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

West Buckland School:

“Etherton Education and West Buckland School have worked closely together for many years. Many students who have joined the school to study in the Sixth Form and at younger ages have found the experience and preparation they received in Etherton Education’s summer courses has helped them significantly as they make the transition to life and study in the unfamiliar context of a UK boarding school. The combination of English language tuition, academic support in their intended A-Level subjects and experiences of life in the UK are not only valuable in very practical terms but also very enjoyable socially. The feedback offered by Etherton Education to this school about individual students on completing the course is thorough and very helpful to their new teachers. All the staff we have worked with at Etherton Education have been very professional and helpful. I hope this relationship will continue for many years to come.”

Westonbirt School:

“We are very impressed with the service provided by Etherton Education. The students gain good English language skills and their time at Etherton allows them to prepare well for boarding school life in England.”