Complaints Procedure

As a student with Etherton Education you can expect action if you are not satisfied with the teaching or any other service we provide. We think that reasonable complaints are a good thing as they can help us to improve what we do.

What you should do
If you are not satisfied with something to do with your course, please let us know. The sooner you do this, the earlier we can take action to sort out any difficulties you have. You can do this by speaking to your house person, your teachers, the student hosts or the administrative staff in the Etherton Education office.

You don’t have to be on your own when you do this. You can bring a friend to help you to explain your problem, someone to support you.

You may find it easier to write down what you want to say beforehand. This will save time and make it easier for you and also for us.

What we will do
We will listen respectfully to your concerns and may ask some questions so that we understand why you are not happy.

We will write down what you tell us. Then we will try to solve the problem. In most cases the problem can be solved quickly and easily.

In those cases where the problem is more difficult, we will tell the Course Director of your concerns and he or she may want to talk to you as well. Again, you can bring your friend to help you with this interview.

It is not easy to solve big problems immediately, so we may need time to do this. We may need to speak to your parents, guardian or the school you will be going to after the course here. We may need to speak to other students and adults.

We will try to keep you fully informed about how we are dealing with your complaint. You can come to the Etherton Education office at any time to ask about what is happening.

What will happen eventually
The problem will be solved. If it was a small problem, nothing more will need to be done. If it was a big problem, we will write an account of the steps we have taken to resolve it.

What happens if you are still not happy
You may wish to talk to your parent or guardian about this. They can contact Mr Etherton and he will try to sort out the problem. If you are still not happy after that, your parents or guardian may wish to contact The British Council. This is what they say:

If you have made your complaint to the centre and it has not been resolved, please send us:

  • a written complaint from the student (or parent/ guardian in the case of a child). If it is not in English, it must have at least the main points translated into English.
  • details of how the student/ parent/ agent (acting for the student) has already tried to resolve the problem with the centre directly. If so, we also require the response he or she has received.

Post or email your complaints to:
British Council, Accreditation Unit, Bridgewater House, 58 Whitworth Street, Manchester M1 6BB, UK