What to Bring

This section will give you some suggestions about what to bring on our courses.  This includes spending money, clothes, electrical items and a basic recommended packing list.

Spending money

We recommend a maximum of around £50.00 per week.  Some students will bring more, some will bring less.  Please do not bring hundreds of pounds with you – it is not necessary.

Subject to parental consent, we will give students the opportunity to sign over to our authorised staff money, flight tickets, their passport and any other valuable items for safe keeping . Students are able to collect spending money they have given us for safe keeping from the course office at given times during the week.  A signing in and signing out procedure is used and at the end of the course any money remaining, the passport and valuable items are signed over to the student before departure.

What clothes to bring

The weather in Britain can be unpredictable!  One day it may be bright and sunny and the next pouring with rain.  In Britain we carry on whatever the weather and you will need to bring clothes and shoes suitable for warm, wet or cool weather conditions.   A suggested list is included in our Pre-Departure Information, but you should ensure you pack:

Everyday clothes

Our students do not wear a uniform during the summer course – bring casual clothes which wash and dry easily so you do not need to bring too much.  We also recommend a light rain coat, at least two jumpers or sweatshirts and shoes suitable for walking longer distances on trips and visits.

Formal occasions

At British boarding schools you have formal events when you need to wear formal clothes.  We will help you practise for these occasions with a formal dinner and dance during the last week of the published courses.  Please bring something smart with you – perhaps a suit or special dress and smart shoes.

Sports Clothes

You will be playing a variety of sports both indoors and outdoors almost every day so you will need enough shorts / leggings, t-shirts, trainers and swimming costume / trunks.


Students may bring your phone, laptop and camera, but please keep electrical items to a minimum.  All electrical items must be tested by a school electrician upon arrival.  Only adapters with shutters over the socket holes and half-inch insulated pins are acceptable in the UK.  Should electrical items not pass the UK testing standard, we will help students to purchase what they need locally.

Basic Recommended Packing List

Please note, the school provides bed linen, duvets and pillows, but students must bring their own towels.

Enough casual clothes for everyday use

  • Light coat or jacket (waterproof)
  • Sweatshirts and / or jumpers
  • Ten sets of underwear
  • Ten pairs of socks plus sports socks
  • Two sets of pyjamas / night clothes
  • Formal clothes – suit, white shirt, tie and dark shoes for boy and formal dress or suit for girls
  • Footwear – including one pair suitable for wet weather and walking long distances
  • Swimming costume / trunks
  • Sports clothes
  • Sports trainers
  • Two or more towels (we provide bed linen in our accommodation but not towels)
  • Toiletries (roll-on deodorant please, not aerosol spray as this sets off the fire alarm)
  • A sun hat and sunscreen
  • Backpack for day trips
  • Water bottle (reusable)
  • Laundry bag suitable to hold one week’s washing, labelled with student’s name
  • Mobile phone (and charger)

All clothes (including underwear) must be labelled with the student’s name.  Basic laundry once a week (for machine washable clothes) is included in the course fees.  Students should ensure they have enough changes of clothes for a full week.  We recommend that you buy a laundry net/bag, clearly marked with the student’s name, to help keep their laundry together.

We send out Pre-Departure Information before our courses start which will include further information on everything you will need to know before the course.