Team Talk with Becki and Brian, Admissions Office – January 2019

Team Talk with Becki and Brian, Admissions Office – January 2019

If you call Etherton Education on +44 (0)1823 672388, you will speak to one of these two lovely, friendly, talented people!  Becki and Brian work in the Etherton Education Head Office all year round.


Can you tell us something about your career, Brian?  My career started in the packaging industry and I was involved in the development and production of some very complex materials, which were used in various types of food packaging.  In a change of career, I entered education and spent several years assisting children with special educational or physical needs meet the challenges of school life.  I started my own tutoring business and was pleased to have the opportunity to teach Business Studies for Etherton Education a few years ago.  I am now Registrar for Etherton Education but also continue to run my own business helping students achieve exam success.

What is your personal philosophy?  Treat everyone as I would expect to be treated.

What is the best place you have travelled to and why?  Montenegro.  It has mountains, lakes, coastline, abundant wildlife and an interesting history.

What is the weirdest job you have ever had?  Counting sheep for a countryside survey.

What is the one food you cannot resist?  Chocolate and more chocolate!

What sports do you participate in?  Cricket and target shooting.













What about you, Becki?  Tell us about your career.  I have held many different jobs throughout my career – accountant, personal assistant, café / bar supervisor, festival promotions, cruise attendant, hotel housekeeping manager, wedding and events coordinator, ski representative, and more!  From all of my roles, I have built up a very strong background in administration and customer service.  After a ski accident I needed a knee operation and had to return to the UK.  I started with Etherton Education for a summer in 2016 and just haven’t left!

What is your personal philosophy?  Not so much a philosophy but a lovely sentiment I saw the other day “Kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers” credited on Pinterest to Kahlil Gibran.

What is the best place you have travelled to and why?  Levi in Finland!  I love the snow and this is everything you want a picture perfect winter destination to be – absolutely incredible (just wrap up well).

What is the weirdest job you have ever had?  I worked as a Ranch Hand on an outback cattle station in Australia – not so weird for an Australian maybe but very much out of my usual employment range!  A very challenging experience but also amazing to have done it!

What is the one food you cannot resist?   Not a food but COFFEE!  Ask anyone who has spent more than an hour with me!

 What sports do you participate in?  I am really in to gym classes at the moment but snowboarding will always be my main sporting passion!