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Etherton Education Summer 2020

On 09 June 2020, we very sadly, made the decision to cancel all of our 2020 summer courses because of COVID-19.  We tried hard to see if we could find a way to run these courses, but there were too many obstacles in our way.  Read the full announcement from Peter Etherton, Director, HERE.

The website information will remain available to view as our 2020 details until we are able to release our full 2021 course information.  If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Team, HERE.


Etherton Online – Academic Online Courses

We are now running Online Courses to still be able to help international students coming to the UK to study, as well as students just wanting to study in English.  You can find more information on these exciting new courses HERE.


Young Entrepreneur Course

Our Young Entrepreneur course is held at Lord Wandsworth College in Hampshire.  The College is set in 1200 acres of green countryside.  It’s a beautiful and secure environment, only one hour away from London, one of the world’s financial centres.

This is an exciting two-week English language course which focuses on the world of business.  This course is available to boys and girls aged 15-17.  The course will consist of a combination of classroom study plus outdoor activities, visits and lectures.  There will be a minimum of 15 hours a week of English language study.

The recommended minimum English level for this course is CEFR B2 / IELTS 5.0.


Course dates & prices

Duration Dates Price
2 weeks 19/07/2020 - 02/08/2020 £3,000.00

Are you interested in starting your own company one day? This course will introduce you to the different processes involved in building up a business and will include the following:

• Visit some of the famous financial institutions of London.
• Learn how to make a confi dent presentation and an inspiring ‘pitch’.
• Practise soft skills such as networking and team work.
• Work on your research and writing skills by preparing reports. Write marketing copy and advertisements.
• Tour a start-up hub for entrepreneurs in London.
• Study small businesses at an open-air market in London and analyse their products and potential.
• Look at case studies of famous brands and study why they have succeeded or failed.
• Take part in business games which will develop your knowledge and skills.

Our maximum class size is 16, but the average number of students in recent years is around 12-13 with some workshops being much lower. All of our subjects are taught by subject specialists who focus on teaching the technical vocabulary needed to study each subject.

Students on this course will also participate in sports most days for around an hour. This gives students the chance to have a taste of British sports football, netball, rugby, hockey, basketball, tennis and cricket. With the fantastic facilities that Lord Wandsworth College has, students have the chance to participate in many different sports! Students are taught by coaches and Student Hosts which gives them the chance to learn new sports or improve on sports they already participate in at home.

As well as the academic timetable, there are many social activities. We have unique activities designed by Etherton Education so our students can relax and enjoy themselves after a full day of studying. We have two big social evenings a week with varying activities from a Fashion Show, a Business Game, Speed Chatting and many more! These evenings bring out creativity and give students a chance to develop their team spirit. The social aspects of the summer are a really important time to boost English speaking skills. Students are put into new scenarios that require a willing attitude and eagerness to help their team complete the task ahead. We also hold Formal Dinner and Dances throughout the summer course. These events give students the chance to dress up smartly and practise how they would be expected to behave at events like this. There is a three course meal and prize giving presented by the Course Director.

On Sundays there will be opportunities for students to join many Sunday Clubs. In the past clubs have included boxercise, dog walking, circus acts, cooking and hand casting. Sunday is a great time to get involved in something new and it is fun way to learn outside of the classroom.

Thank you for these kind words

“I’ve had a really nice time here: spending evenings with the girls in the house, walking around new cities and great lessons with my class. The student hosts are like brothers and sisters to me. All of the staff have taught me lots of new things and have helped me make important decisions about my future studies.” Blanca, Spain (Pre-A-Level Course)