What should I bring?

We send out ‘Course Joining Instructions’ before you arrive at each school which informs you of everything you will need to know before the course.

We have put together a small checklist of clothes we advise you to pack for the summer course:

Every day/casual clothes

Footwear – shoes suitable for walking long distances

Sportswear (indoor and outdoor) – trainers, t-shirts and shorts

Formal clothing – boys must bring a nice suit, a white shirt, a tie, and dark shoes for the formal dinner and dance; girls this is your chance to dress up! Heels can be worn.

Swimwear – There are heated swimming-pools at each of the schools.

Light rainwear

Please bring your own towels.

You may bring your phone, laptop and camera – but please keep electrical items to a minimum. All electrical items must be tested by a school electrician upon arrival. Schools can only accept adapters with shutters over the socket holes and half-inch insulated pins.

Money: Students will not need any cash to pay for trips or sports – these are all included. Students will only need cash for their own spending on snacks and souvenirs, etc. Fifty pounds a week is plenty of money for each student. There are shopping opportunities whilst on the trips and throughout free time in the evenings (for students at Wellington School), but it is not necessary for you to bring thousands of pounds with you.