Medical Care

This section will give you a little bit more information on the application process to assess the health and welfare of a student, our staff and processes of medical care and how to help with homesickness.


Health & Welfare Questionnaire

When a student applies for any of courses a Health and Welfare questionnaire must be completed and all medical and welfare issues must be disclosed.  Any failure to disclose material information, particularly of a medical or psychological nature, which might influence the acceptance of an application, could result in the withdrawal of a place and no refund of fees will be made.

On the induction day we will go through the form with the student in person and collect any medications which the student has brought with them.  For any medications brought, a full English translation of the medication including storage and usage information is required in advance.  The House Staff will store all medications safely in the boarding house as per the instructions.


Our Staff, Processes and Insurance

Many of our staff have First Aid qualifications.  If students have minor problems, our staff will look after them.  If we have any concerns, we will take them to a medical centre near the school, or to hospital.

Etherton Education provide all students attending a summer course with a basic insurance policy.  A summary of this policy can be found below but we strongly advise that all students take out their own comprehensive private insurance including travel and medical cover as well as the policy we provide.

Etherton Education – 2022 / 2023 Student Insurance Policy Summary of Cover



Some students may feel homesick, especially if this is the first time for them to be away from their home and family.  We see this problem every year.  In a way, this is part of growing up.  Here are some suggestions which may help:

  • The feeling of being homesick almost always goes away soon.  Sometimes students feel better after a couple of days.  Sometimes it takes longer but believe that this feeling is not forever – it will go away!
  • Students must try to develop mental strength.  They must make up their mind to think about the present and future, and not focus on the past all the time.
  • Students should try to make new friends, and to help other people.
  • Students should focus on work and studies.  Look forward to the next sports session, or social activity, or trip.
  • Some students feel very homesick every time they talk to their parents.  Sometimes parents can help by NOT phoning their children every day.  Let them focus on their new life away from home.
  • Students can talk to any member of staff about this problem, and we will all do our best to support them and help them to feel happy.

We encourage all of our students to talk to a member of staff if they have any questions or feel unwell and we will always do our very best to help them!