Food & dietary requirements

Food and Dietary Requirements 

Students are provided with 3 meals a day at Wellington School, Badminton School and Dean Close School.  At Lord Wandsworth College there are also 3 meals a day except on Sundays when students are able to get up later for a mid-morning brunch, and then evening dinner.  The schools provide good quality meals, with a choice of several different healthy main dishes and a salad bar.  The food is highly nutritious and gives our students a well balanced diet throughout the summer.  We also arrange packed lunches on trip days.

We cater for students with allergies and/or requiring a special diet but we must be informed of this in advance on application.  However, please note that our host schools will not accept students with certain diets (such as extreme vegan diet) and there may be additional charges for other diets.

Eating in the Boarding House

Each boarding house has a kitchenette which the students may use under supervision, and is supplied with a range of snacks to help keep away any late night hunger!  This is also a good opportunity for students to learn to take care of themselves away from home, with support from the House Staff.

We also try to celebrate every student Birthday during the summer, so celebrations and cakes are a regular part of life in the boarding house!