Contacting home

Our host schools have Wi-Fi available throughout the schools. Students have plenty of time to call home, or to text or email home.

Our staff will help students to obtain international sim cards and top-up cards during the summer course, so that students can stay in contact at a cheaper rate.

We encourage all students to contact home after they first arrive, so that parents know they have arrived safely. If parents have not heard from their child, they are welcome to email our office on and we will contact the child and remind them to phone home.

We ask parents not to phone their children during lesson times, or after 10 pm at night, UK time, unless there is a real emergency.

Parents, if your children have a problem, please encourage them to come and talk to our staff about it directly. We will do our best to solve their problem. It is an important life lesson for children to deal with their problems themselves, instead of having Mum or Dad doing everything for them. We also ask for your support in understanding our rules and procedures.


Some students feel very homesick, especially if this is the first time for them to be away from home. We see this problem every year. In a way, this is part of growing up. Here are some suggestions which may help:

  • The feeling of being homesick almost always goes away soon. Sometimes students feel better after one or two days. Sometimes it takes longer – one or two weeks. Believe that this feeling is not forever – it will go away!
  • Students must try to develop mental strength. They must make up their mind to think about the present and future, and not focus on the past all the time.
  • Students should try to make new friends, and to help other people.
  • Focus on work and studies. Look forward to the next sports session, or social activity, or trip.
  • Some students feel very homesick every time they talk to their parents. Sometimes parents can help by NOT phoning their children every day. Let them focus on their new life away from home.
  • Students can talk to any member of staff about this problem, and we will all do our best to support them and help them to feel happy.