Contacting home

Our host schools have Wi-Fi available throughout the schools.  Students have plenty of time to call, text or email home.

Our staff will help students to obtain international sim cards and top-up cards during the summer course, so that students can stay in contact at a cheaper rate.

We encourage all students to contact home after they first arrive, so that parents know they have arrived safely.  If parents have not heard from their child, they are welcome to email our office on and we will contact the child and remind them to phone home.

We ask parents not to phone their children during lesson times, or after 10pm at night, UK time, unless there is a real emergency.

Parents, if your children have a problem, please encourage them to come and talk to our staff about it directly.  We will do our best to solve their problem.  It is an important life lesson for children to deal with their problems themselves!  We also ask for your support in understanding our rules and procedures.