Boarding Life

In this section you will find information about general boarding life at Etherton Education.  This includes some more details about the accommodation at each of our schools, the laundry service available, contacting home and a section on food and dietary requirements.



Boarding is a big part of the experience of attending a British Boarding School.  Our courses are designed to prepare you for the experience!  Or to give you a taste of life at a British Boarding School.

All students live in safe, traditional boarding hourses on the school’s campus which are safe, secure and clean.  Each school and their boarding houses are different.  At Lord Wandsworth College the girls and boys live in separate accommodation with one girls house and one boys house, approximately a ten-minute walk away from the main teaching buildings.  Most of the rooms are twins but with a few larger rooms.  At Wellington School the girls and boys live in separate accommodation and there are two boys houses and two girls houses.  The majority of the rooms are twins and triples, with a few larger rooms which are used for the younger students.  At Badminton School there is just one boarding house located close to the teaching areas on the main site which has mostly triple and quad rooms.  At Dean Close School the boarding house is located close to the teaching areas on the main site and have mostly triple and quad rooms.

In each boarding house there is a well-equipped common room with comfortable sofas, a television and private study areas.  Students have access to the common room to use as a space to relax and talk with friends and Student Hosts throughout the evening.

We employ a wonderful team of House Staff at each location.  The routine of having House Staff is an important aspect of adjusting to being away from home and living at your school.  We also try to celebrate every student Birthday during the summer, so celebrations and cake are a regular part of life in the boarding houses!



All clothes (including underwear) must be labelled with the student’s name.  Basic laundry once a week (for machine washable clothes) is included in the course fees.  Students should ensure they have enough changes of clothes for a full week.  We recommend that you buy a laundry net/bag, clearly marked with the student’s name, to help keep their laundry together.


Contacting Home

We encourage all students to contact home when they first arrive, so that parents know they have arrived with us.  If parents have not heard from their child, they are welcome to email our office on and we will contact the child and remind them to phone home.

We ask parents not to phone their children during lesson times, or after 10pm at night (UK time).

Our host schools have Wi-Fi available throughout the schools.  Students will be advised on arrival when / where they can use the Wi-Fi and our staff will assist them to connect any devices they need.

Parents, if your child has a problem, please encourage them to come and talk to our staff about it directly.  We will do our best to solve their problem.  It is an important life lesson for children to deal with their problems themselves!  We also ask for your support in understanding our rules and procedures.


Food and Dietary Requirements

Students are provided with 3 meals a day at Wellington School, Badminton School and Dean Close School.  At Lord Wandsworth College there are also 3 meals a day except on Sundays when students are able to get up later for a mid-morning brunch, and then evening dinner.  All meals are eaten in the school dining rooms and attendance to all meals is compulsory.

The schools provide good quality meals, with a choice of several different healthy main dishes and a salad bar.  The food is highly nutritious and gives our students a well-balanced diet throughout the summer.  We also arrange packed lunches on trip days.

We cater for students with allergies and/or requiring a special diet but we must be informed of this in advance on application.  Please note that our host schools will not accept students with certain diets (such as extreme vegan diet) and there may be additional charges for other diets.