Boarding is a big part of British boarding school culture.  Having a taste of this over the summer course prepares you for your new life at a UK school.  The routine of having house staff is an important aspect of adjusting to being away from home and living at your school.

All students will live in safe and traditional Halls of Residence on the school’s campus.  The boarding houses at the schools are superb and have well-equipped common rooms with comfortable sofas, a television and private study rooms.  Students have access to a common room and may use it as a space to relax and talk with friends and Student Hosts throughout the evening.

Most of the bedrooms have 2 beds, so most students will share with 1 other person.  There are also some bigger rooms for 3-6 people.  When possible, we mix up different nationalities, so that students have more opportunities to learn about a different culture and to practise speaking in English.

Student, Pre-A-Level, Lord Wandsworth College – Alice, China

“I arrived at Lord Wandsworth College, after eleven hours on an aeroplane.  Everything was so strange: different from my country, different from my language.  Then I arrived at my language school.  It is located in the countryside.  It is so beautiful with an azure blue sky, pure white clouds and a green sheet of trees and grass.  There is pure and fresh air and everything made me feel relaxed and happy.

The girls live in a communal House, it is a nice building.  We have one very big lounge, there are sofas, a tv and a piano there.  We can watch TV or use the DVD player to watch movies and we can play table tennis, billiards or play the piano.”