Introduction to
British Boarding at
Badminton School

This four-week summer course is for international students aged 10-15 years and is built around the great qualities of British Boarding Schools.  The course has been created in co-operation between Etherton Education and Badminton School.  The course is taught by many Badminton School Staff.  Badminton is a girl’s school, but this elite summer course is open to both boys and girls.  You will live, study, work and play in a top boarding school.  Each week is designed around a theme.  The teaching, the excursions and the activities have then all been built around different aspects of the theme.

Week 1:  Young Inventor

Week 2:  Young Adventurer

Week 3:  Young Citizen of the World

Week 4:  Young Creator

The course aims are to improve your English language, develop academic excellence and build leadership, team-work and self-reliance!  You will gain confidence and better communication skills.  The course will stimulate your imagination and creativity.  Student can book for the full 4 weeks or 2 weeks – either weeks 1 and 2 or weeks 3 and 4.  Students must have a minimum of CEF B1 or IELTS 4.5 to attend this course.


Course dates & prices

Duration Dates Price
4 weeks 14/07/2019 - 11/08/2019 £6,000.00
2 weeks 14/07/2019 - 28/07/2019 £3,000.00
2 weeks 28/07/2019 - 11/08/2019 £3,000.00

Every week you will have intensive English, plus lessons in the sciences, history, geography, art and other subjects relevant to the theme. There will be lots of excursions and workshops, sport and social activities. British Student Hosts will be with you to help develop your English skills.

Week 1: Young Inventor
During this week you will study old and new inventions, go on a field trip, look at real inventions and think of your own imaginary inventions. You will do hands-on practical work, academic research and art and design projects. It is a week full of new experiences, hard work and fun.

Week 2: Young Adventurer
During this week you will start by sleeping out in a tent, and end with a visit to an exciting outdoors activities centre. In between, you will learn about orienteering, gain a First Aid qualification, enjoy a swimming gala and have a unique formal dinner inside a zoo! There are 2 fantastic trips as well.

Week 3: Young Citizen of the World
One day you will run the world, so start preparing yourself now! Look back at history, through the Romans and Victorians. Find out about the nations of the world. Learn how to argue, explain and debate and how to behave in formal situations. Find out how the media work and consider starting a new country!

Week 4: Young Creator
The final week is full of creativity. Read a play, and then write and perform your own play. See how a theatre works, and then watch a live show. Enjoy a singing competition, art, design and music. Take part in 2 workshops; one run by Aardman Animations staff and the other by staff from a circus!

Every week you will have British Student Hosts with you for most of the day. They will help in some lessons, play sport with you, help with homework, go on trips and enjoy all the social activities with you!

There are so many exciting lessons, activities, workshops and trips in this course! This course may change your life and it will certainly give you many fantastic memories!

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