Our Fast Track Pre-GCSE course is based at the beautiful campus of Lord Wandsworth College in Hampshire.  Many UK Schools are now offering a One-Year GCSE Course which is popular with international students.  However, please remember that British students normally take TWO years to complete their GCSEs.  So it is not easy for international students to complete some GCSEs in just one year.  This Fast Track Pre-GCSE summer course will give you a great start if you are beginning a One-Year GCSE programme this September.

This is an intensive six-week academic summer course for students aged 15 to 17 years of age, held at Lord Wandsworth College.  It is suitable for students who have a good level of English and a strong academic record who will come to the UK to Study a One-Year GCSE course in September.

Course dates & prices

Duration Dates Price
6 weeks 21/07/2019 - 01/09/2019 £7,680.00

This course is suitable for students who want to study the science subjects and focus on preparing for exams. You must have a level of IELTS 4.5 or higher and a good academic level. The course is only available as six weeks (students who wish to enrol for other periods should choose one of our other Pre-GCSE courses).

The English lessons will focus on the IELTS exam format. There will be at least 10.5 hours of English. You will also focus on English language in all of your main subjects. You will practise:
– Academic listening skills
– Speaking and presentation skills
– Writing about charts and data, and argumentative topics
– Reading academic texts and media passages
– Researching information about your weekly trips
– Extensive Reading

The other subjects will focus on preparation for GCSE exams, and they are taught by specialist subject teachers. There will be regular exam practice and learning of technical vocabulary in English. The other subjects available in the Fast Track Pre-GCSE course are: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies / Economics (taught together).

You can take all five subjects if you wish. You can drop one subject, but you must take at least four subjects. You will study each main subject for three hours a week. You will also be supported during your homework sessions by subject-specialist Student Hosts.

All of our subjects are taught by subject specialists who focus on teaching the technical vocabulary needed to study each subject.  Our science teachers understand the importance of laboratory work so you will spend a lot of time doing practical, hands-on experiments.

(If you wish to study other subjects such as History, Geography, Drama, Art and ICT, you should enrol in one of our other Pre-GCSE courses. The Fast Track Pre-GCSE course is intended for students who wish to study a science curriculum).

Students on this course will also participate in sports every day for an hour. This gives students the chance to have a taste of British sports including cricket, netball and rugby. With the fantastic facilities that Lord Wandsworth College has, students have the chance to participate in many different sports! Students are taught sports by coaches and the Student Hosts which gives them the chance to learn new sports or improve on sports they already participate in at home.

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Thank you for these kind words

“During my summer here, things happened that would never normally happen in my summer. The reason for this is that the teachers and staff interact with the students a lot. The student hosts helped me with my homework and were one of the first when playing sport with the students. They kept every student in good spirits.” Aaron, Germany (Pre-GCSE Course)