Marketing British Boarding Schools, Agent Article – March 2019

Marketing British Boarding Schools

At this time of the year we know that many agents get enquiries from parents about sending their children to British boarding schools.  Here are some selling points that you can use in your discussions with parents.

England is the home of English.  Your children will learn real English from native speakers, with correct pronunciation, intonation and modern idioms.

English is all around.  Your children can listen to the media, read the newspapers, talk to people in shops, and chat with friends.  They are surrounded by English everywhere.

British boarding schools have small class sizes.  In a typical school, there will be about 16-22 students in Years 9-11 and only 8-12 per class in Years 12 and 13.  Teachers can really get to know your children well, and focus on their individual progress.

Integration with British students.  These days, there are many ‘British’ international schools around the world, with fancy uniforms.  However, they do not have many (if any) British children.  In real British boarding schools, your children will work and play with genuine native-speakers of English.

Networking opportunities.  In a British boarding school, your child will grow up with talented children from Britain and from other countries.  He/she can learn about other cultures and make strong friendships which will help in business and life in the future.

High academic results.  Small class sizes, excellent facilities, brilliant teachers and strong competition between schools all help to deliver high academic results.

A-Levels are accepted around the world.  They are considered the ‘gold standard’ of education and will help your child enter a good university.

Pathway to a top university.  British boarding schools all have good careers departments which help your child choose a university, and prepare a strong application.

Tradition makes perfect.  Most boarding schools are over 100 years old.  Some are 500 years old!  They know how to teach and prepare students for life.

Extra-curricular activities are very important.  The extra-curricular activities at a British Boarding School will develop your child’s character in many ways.  Your child will learn resilience, team-work, leadership, creativity, organisational skills, and grow in confidence.  These are as important as academic results in your life.

Clean air.  If your children are now growing up in a polluted city, it would be good to move them to a British boarding school.  Most of these are in the countryside and enjoy good clean air to breathe.

Develop individual talents.  If your child has any special talents in music, art, drama, science, sport, etc., the British boarding school will develop it and let if flourish.  Every school has lots of clubs, special groups and external connections which give students amazing opportunities to develop.

If you are interested in this topic, you may like to read Peter Etherton’s short book entitled Marketing British Boarding Schools.  Please write to us at and we will be pleased to email you a PDF version of the book.