ITEC Fair, November 2015

Alan Etherton visited Moscow last weekend to attend the well-known “ITEC Fair” for international schools. The event was presented by the fantastic agency “ITEC” who are based in Russia, whom we have worked strongly with since 2012.

The fair was an open public event for parents and children to meet 25 participating schools and language schools – mostly from the UK, as well as USA and Spain. Around 10 of the schools from the UK are Etherton’s Partners, so it was a great trip all round meeting new potential students and catching up with the schools.

The event was very insightful for all participants, introducing all areas of preparation for a UK Boarding School. There were four very interesting seminars throughout the day event, from aiding students to get into a top university, as well as the ‘top 15 questions parents need to ask when choosing a high school for their child’.

We were delighted to be a part of an event representing “The Best Foreign Schools”. We had opportunities to showcase our new courses and 2016 brochure to a variety of students. The students were keen and largely academic, which compliments the type of students that join Etherton’s summer courses.

As always, we had a fantastic and prosperous weekend in Moscow, and will no doubt be back next year.