Hosting Agents at Lord Wandsworth College – November 2018

Etherton Education Met with Agents at Lord Wandsworth College!

Peter, Belinda and Becki travelled to Lord Wandsworth College – one of our summer school locations, to help host a Fam Trip (familiarisation visit for overseas agents to see schools in person).  The group were all international consultants who had attended the British Boarding Schools Workshop at the weekend.  LWC Registrar Mary Hicks, led a tour of the impressive campus, and Headmaster Adam Williams, welcome the guests and outlined their new building projects, including a new dining hall and science laboratories.  Peter Etherton described our academic summer courses, including the Pre-A-Level / Pre-IB course, which makes full use of LWC’s excellent facilities.  For more details on Lord Wandsworth College please visit Lord Wandsworth College website.