Etherton Education at BBSW March 2015

BBSW_March_2015.jpg_1We had a fantastic few days at The British Boarding Schools Workshop last week, and have just about recovered! Both Peter and Anne Etherton had the chance to build new relationships with agents from all over Europe, Russia, and Asia; also fitting in the time to network with our loyal agents from across the years. We took along a new gang this year! In the photo above we have: David Beckham, The Queen, a Beefeater, Big Ben, Shakespeare, Henry VIII, and finally Harry Potter – who must have been off casting some spells. As sponsors, we had the chance to try something fun for the Street Party that is always held at BBSW; this year we decided life size cut-outs would be a great way to intergrate agents and schools. And what a success it was! We thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to be Sponsor’s again this year at BBSW, as it is such a great event.

The British Boarding Schools Workshop is a brilliant way of connecting new and old agents from across the globe with UK Boarding Schools. It gives us all the chance of meeting worthwhile agents who we cannot all afford to fly out and see. We like to build strong relationships with the people who help bring us International Students, and BBSW really encourages us all to get to know one another. Thanks again for everyone’s participation. We will see you in November!


Park School even tweeted our “new gang” #EthertonEducation