English UK Event, Budapest

March 3rd – March 6th


Both Peter and Anne Etherton attended English UK’s event in Budapest in early March; this was a first time event for Etherton Education, and it was all in all an exciting trip. The fair followed English UK’s unique format of being open only to limited numbers of screened agents and accredited English UK member centres, supplementing two full days of formal workshop sessions with a lively social programme and seminars, so that everyone had plenty of opportunities to get to know each other.

The event began with a seminar programme, followed by afternoon appointments, where we had the chance to meet some fantastic new agencies. 40 top quality agents were selected by English UK from Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe which we had the chance to book prior to the event. The evenings were well thought out with traditional Hungarian dinners and gypsy band at Matyas Prince Etterem.

We met some great contacts for Etherton Education, mainly new associations, who we hope to build lasting relationships with. The event was small and friendly, with the workshops strongly representing excellent agents, which made the trip extremely successful for both Peter and Anne. The fair’s agents focused exclusively on the UK’s English language teaching sector, which suited us perfectly. We were guaranteed to start new partnerships with a busy schedule as well as making friends over dinner and sightseeing.

The Budapest fair was excellent for expanding our presence widely across Europe including countries we are yet to work with such as Armenia, Austria, Bulgaria and Slovakia. We hope to stay in touch with the agencies we met, and look forward to working with you!