Don’t Give Your Students Money Problems, Agent Article – June 2019

Don’t Give Your Students Money Problems

Agent Article – June 2019, by Peter Etherton


Each summer we are asked about how much money students bring with them?  We of course appreciate that families want their child to have enough money, but how much is too much?  Could too much money actually be an issue for a child?  What is the correct money to bring?  We have a couple of recommendations for our agents / families to assist with these questions.  Read on for some advice on how to guide families through the tricky topic of money.


Last summer, some of our students brought British money which was too old.  The notes were not legal any more.  We cannot change these notes at the bank for legal money, so please tell parents not to give old bank notes to their children.


These notes are NOT valid now:

  • £20.00 with a picture of Edward Elgar on the back
  • £10.00 with a picture of Charles Darwin on the back
  • £5.00 with a picture of Eliz Fry on the back


You can see pictures of these old notes here: We have also taken images from the website of the most recent withdrawn notes and put them below (images courtesy of the Bank of England).


Some parents give their children hundreds or even thousands of pounds in cash during the summer school!  This can give us a big problem.  In our experience, they sometimes lose the money, and then say that someone has stolen it.  This creates a very bad feeling between students.  Students do not need more than about £50.00 per week whilst on our course for snacks and souvenirs.


Do not give them £50.00 notes.  Our shops and supermarkets do not like to give change for such big notes and some may refuse to accept them.


Don’t worry about students needing extra money in an emergency.  We will always look after our students and help them if they have any problems.


If you have any questions about spending money for students attending an Etherton Education Course this summer you can find some more details in our Pre-Departure Information which you should have received.  If you have not received a copy, or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be delighted to assist.