British Boarding Schools Weekend 2015

Kiev, Ukraine 2015

Organised by Business Link


Peter Etherton flew over to Kiev, Ukraine, at the end of February to join Business Link’s British Boarding Schools Weekend Event. Business Link was set up in 1997 and specialises in linking British educators and Ukrainian students. 23 British boarding schools attended, Etherton Education included, who spent the weekend meeting parents of potential students who wish to study in the UK.

Peter Etherton was invited to exhibit a presentation about UK boarding schools as a whole, and how they run. This was an exciting invitation as it gave Peter more face time with the potential families eager to be educated within the UK. Peter had the chance to discuss pastoral care, accommodation, academic study and much more. Having the opportunity to present Etherton at the event gave a huge prospect to let the visitors remember us and what we do – and how well we do it! The reception of the presentation was great, and can be found online at Business Link’s YouTube page.

We have a fantastic relationship with Business Link Ukraine, and have worked solidly with them since 2010. We regularly attend events in Ukraine as the students are keen to study in the UK, and it gives us a better understanding of Eastern Europe, Kiev and Ukraine as an emerging market. We have also participated in Business Link’s Directory for many years.

At the event we had the chance to build new relationships, nurture loyal partnerships, and catch up with some of our partner schools. Furthermore, there was an opportunity to test students, as well as interview the candidates that suited Etherton specifically. We found the children had extremely good English and strong academic potential. The event had an array of excursions and an excellent social programme which formed a brilliantly friendly atmosphere.

We look forward to participating in Business Link’s next Directory and attending the next event in Kiev.