Etherton Education – An ALL-GIRLS Summer Course

Etherton Education – An ALL-GIRLS Summer Course (Agent Article)


Here is a common question: ‘My clients want to send their daughter to an all-girls’ school in the UK, but they are not sure about it.  What can I say to them?’ 


Here are two suggestions to help agents in this situation.


First, you can suggest that she attends the all-girls’ summer course run by Etherton Education at Badminton School this summer.


Let her ‘try before you buy’.  She can come for 2, 3 or 5 weeks.  Each week has a different, exciting theme, and most of the teachers come from Badminton School, which is one of the UK’s Top Ten girls’ schools. Click HERE for more information.


This will let your daughter have a real experience of living and learning in an all-girls environment, and I’m sure that most girls will find it a positive and inspiring time.


Second, you can point out the main arguments in favour of girls-only schools, which I have summarised here.


1, Girls will have fewer distractions inside and outside of the classroom, without boys.  Girls will express their opinions more in class.  Girls will not just be the ‘audience’ for boys.


2, Girls will feel free to choose any subject they like.  They will not feel that ‘maths is a subject for boys’.  Girls take more STEM subjects and more language subjects in girls’ schools.


3, Girls will take up all the leadership roles inside the school and will get more opportunities to have responsibility, to organise and to lead others.


4, Girls will be encouraged to consider all kinds of careers, and will have great role models within the school staff and from the school’s alumnae.  For example, the first female Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, was a former student of Badminton School.  Girls will not have their ambition limited by stereotype ideas about jobs which are only suitable for boys or girls.  They will be encouraged to aim high.


5, The whole school will be focused on girls, with appropriate boarding, teaching and sports facilities, and teachers who are passionate about encouraging girls to be the best they can be.


6, Girls achieve excellent academic results in a girls-only environment.  Many of the top academic schools in the UK are girls’ schools.


For further information on this topic, I recommend the website of the Girls’ Schools Association, which you can find on this link:  Girls’ Schools Association Website


Girls’ schools are excellent, but not necessarily appropriate for all girls.  So remember, if you have a young client who is interested but not yet sure, recommend her to come on our all-girls’ summer course to try the experience for herself.


Article by, Peter Etherton, Director of Etherton Education


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Article, 13 January 2020.