Alan Etherton attends Alphe Spain, January 2015


Alan attends Alphe Spain:

Alan represented Etherton Education at the Alphe Spain fair in January 2015. The event was open to study travel agents and educators from all over the world and was again, an excellent opportunity for us as educational providers to target several student markets over the course of the weekend. The majority of the audience we were presenting to were from Europe, a total of 33% from Spain. See the chart below provided on to see the full ratio of nationalities we had the chance to meet.


As you can see, we had ample opportunity to form new relationships as the event held a wide spread of countries. Even though 1 in every 3 agents were Spanish, we met some fantastic agents from Italy, Ukraine, Russia as well as Spain.

The event was across a weekend – one evening allowed us to set up, one full day of networking and finally finishing by mid Sunday afternoon after more meetings. Attending an event in Spain meant it was cheap to travel in comparison to trips we have done before in Asia and the Russian Federation, and the quality of the agents surpassed expectations. The meetings were one-to-one and we had a 30 minute window to really get to know the chosen agents and focus on one another’s business proposal.

We came out of the event very pleased with the selection of agents we had the chance to meet and look forward to working with them in the near future.  We will be back very soon!