Welcome to Etherton Education 

Etherton Education academic summer courses are designed to prepare international students for studying in British boarding schools.  We have options for online study as well as our residential courses here in the UK.  Our summer boarding courses are also suitable for students who just want a ‘taste’ of British Education.

Our courses are academic, with English for Education as the main focus.  Students study intensive English and up to ten other academic subjects.  In addition to the academic studies, we also focus on the personal development of each student’s ‘soft skills’ such as confidence, team work, leadership, communication, creativity and integration. 

Residential Summer Courses

Our Pre-A-Level / Pre-IB Course is for students aged 15-17 who are preparing to study A-Levels or the International Baccalaureate.

Our Pre-GCSE Course is for students aged 13-15 who are preparing to study GCSEs.

Our Junior Academic Course is for younger students aged 10-12, combining hard work with lots of active learning and fun.

For students coming to the UK to start at a British boarding school in September, an Etherton Education academic summer course will prepare them well.  After the summer school course, our students leave feeling more confident and ready to study at their new school.  For students just coming to experience life at a summer boarding school, they will leave not only with an improved academic level and new study skills, but also an invaluable life experience to take home with them.

Online Courses

In August 2020, we began running Online Courses as we were not able to run our residential summer program due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  These were a great success and we went on to run our Online Winter English Course in December 2020.  During the summer of 2021 we also ran an Online Pre-GCSE Course for students aged 13-15 and an Online Pre-A-Level Course for students aged 15-17. 

We are currently looking at plans for our online courses in 2022.  Once confirmed, the details will be available on our Online Course page.  Contact our Admissions Team HERE  if you would like a personal notification of new online courses.